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Charity Work

Divine Outreach Ministry is the charitable branch of the Divine UK ministries, and is active globally. Have a read below of our recent projects and activities!

Divine Outreach ministry has been providing hot, nutritious and tasty meals to the homeless, needy & struggling families in London. It has been a joyous and rewarding experience as we started cooking hot meals together at the Centre, and now from homes. With the refugees crisis, we were able to work with other charities to provide toiletry packs for refugees in London & Calais. Recently on our London Street Outreach to the Homeless, we were blessed to be able to provide toiletry bags and other essentials such as food, hot thermos flasks, scarves and socks to the homeless in Central London.

Providing Spiritual Nourishment is at the core of our ministry. We were fortunate to provide free Holy Bibles to a few hospices in London, which were gratefully received. We also provided free Holy Bibles at public places in Central London.

Divine Outreach has also performed at a hospital in London, raising funds for the hospital charity, and well as reached out to Care Homes and homeless charities. Through collaboration, we have also raised funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Aid to the church in Need.

The plight of the persecuted Christians in Pakistan has been in our hearts and minds as we tried to reach out to them. Our team in Pakistan started working with us to provide refreshments to the transgender community on the streets. Many sick and needy families were also provided with groceries.
With the support of many, we were able to ship a huge amount of clothing, including shoes, bags and religious materials to Pakistan to distribute to the needy and struggling persecuted Christians.

Unemployment is known to be the root of many problems, for example, lack of access to healthcare and poor living conditions. Zimbabwe Divine Youth Empowerment helps to empower youth by enabling them to complete training that will aid them in finding employment. This programme, consequently, will help raise living standards and the quality of life for many, whilst also preventing the consequences of unemployment.
Management of menstruation is presenting a great disadvantage to girls, leading to poor school attendance, poor hygiene and its knock on effects. To try combat this, the Divine Outreach Team has been providing sanitary pads to school girls in Zimbabwe.

We are also assisting with the purchase of groceries for low income households and AIDs patients, and their families.

We have also shipped clothing to the poor & needy families in Kenya. Through the funds raised, we were able to help with children’s education, support poor families, widowed and the orphans.

Divine Outreach has been able to help support financially struggling students to complete their education, as many had lost their family members who were the bread winners of their families.
We were also able to provide edible goods to the homeless, elderly and children in Goa, India.