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Read about how the faithful got healed
when they put their trust in God!

  • Priya
    My daughter Pearl who is 5 years old was too sick, she had food infection and high fever and diarrhea. By God's grace she is now better. Priya
  • Jovila
    I share my parents' testimonies so that it can increase people's faith to our loving God and also that they may become more closer and be blessed. All praise and glory to God . My prayers for you to be blessed with good health, happiness, peace, joy and to anoint you with more power of the Holy Spirit. Your faithful service to our Lord has touched so many lives including me.
    Hayes, UK
  • Marcelina Demelo
    I had a boil in my eye and it was paining, while listening to the adoration when father announced about a boil in the eye getting healed, I knew the very moment it was me. My eye boil went away immediately. Marcelina Demelo UK
    Marcelina Demelo
  • Alista
    When I was 5 months pregnant, my Mom went to UK in March for a job, thinking she would come back for my delivery in July. But something else was written in her destiny. When she reached UK, because of pandemic, all the routes were closed and no jobs. She was helpless. She starting watching Divine retreat centre UK adoration and mass from April. She did go for a interview in many places but got no response. She had no help but still she didn't give up on God. And finally God gave fruit of her patience. Now in August, she got a job at a care home after waiting for 4 and a 1/2 months. Also I was suffering from slipped disc. When I got pregnant, I was worried as to how I'll be able to handle my pregnancy. I was having pain every time I used to sleep or sit. My mom told me to watch the adoration and mass. I watched daily. One day while watching the adoration on 4th June, Fr said God is healing somebody with slipped disc. I claimed it for myself. And I was healed. I gave birth through caesarean to a baby girl on 21st July and till date I don't have any problem with my back. Praise the Lord Alista Goa
  • Vilma Rodrigues
    I am emailing you to testify about my brother's healing. He has been suffering from gout/uric acid problem for quite some time now. For past 2-3 days he has been affected badly by it due to which he could not walk properly & was in pain due to swelling in the toe. Yesterday during the adoration & healing you prayed that somebody with gout/uric acid was getting healed at that time. I claimed it for my brother Clayton who lives in Bangalore. Today when I called home he said that at that very moment that you prayed at around 11.00pm in Bangalore all his toes swelled up with unbearable pain. It then subsided suddenly and there was no pain at all. Today evening he even went cycling & has had no pain since then. He has been healed in Jesus' name All glory be to God!!!! Thank you for the prayers & your ministry Regards Vilma Rodrigues (UK)
    Vilma Rodrigues
  • Melvin
    I had written a prayer request about my dad's credit card issue, which was still pending. God has heard my prayers and now it has been successfully settled. Praise the Lord. Melvin
  • Philomena Vaz
    This is with regards to the Pentecost retreat that i attended online from 29th May 2020 to 31st May 2020, i wanted to share my testimony. My name is Philomena Vaz from Mumbai. On 31st may while attending the retreat, I had pain on the left side of the neck and this pain was extending to my shoulder and arm as well. While Fr Joseph was praying he said that someone with pain on the left side of the neck and the pain is extending on the left shoulder and arms is getting healed. That point I thought i am going through that pain but immediately the pain didnt vanish. Next day when i got up, that pain completely vanished. Then I remembered about what Father had said. I praise and give thanks to the Lord for healing me and blessing me.
    Philomena Vaz
  • Helena
    Praise the lord, on 5th of August, Father announced that some one is healed from throat infection. I claimed that for my husband and he was healed. On the same day Father said "Helen, God is blessing you" and I claimed it for myself. Praise the lord On Sun 9th Aug when Praise & Worship was going on, Father announced my son's name "Joshua" and that God was blessing him, I claimed that for my son. My son is now OK. Praise the Lord! Helena
  • I was having a very severe headache, during the adoration, Fr. Joseph said someone is being healed of headache and pain around the eyes. I was instantly healed and felt a huge relief, all glory to God! Snowlin
  • Ashwin
    I am writing this testimony on behalf of my aunty, Cecila, who is in India. She was experiencing pain in her joints, chest and ribs and could not do any heavy work. She has been listening to the adoration from India and her name has been called multiple times. She is feeling much better now and the pain is gone. Praise the Lord Ashwin
  • Flavia
    My name is Flavia and I want to give my testimony. As I was attending the retreat the other day father prayed for the infilling of the holy spirit and he told many people are getting the gift of tears and I too was blessed with gift of tears and as I gave 1 more testimony the other day as father was praying My name was called out saying Flavia the lord is blessing you, I want to thank the lord for his miracle hand upon me.