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September 27, 2022

Shadows of the Holy Eucharist — Manna

Worship is a very important aspect in Christian faith and spirituality. Why? God created man for God. “God created humankind in his image, in the image […]
September 27, 2022

Shadows of the Holy Eucharist — Passover

What does it mean to be saved? For most people, it simply means being safe, being kept from harm or protected from a dire situation. It’s […]
September 27, 2022

Shadows of the Holy Eucharist — Blood Covenant

Crucifixion was one of the most scandalous and most shameful death sentences ever imposed upon any man—upon criminals, mostly—and yet, it was the same punishment borne […]
August 23, 2022

Exodus Bible Study – Chapter 1

Based on talk by Fr Joseph Edattu VC Let us take up the Book of Exodus- Chapter 1, Verse 1 onwards. Remember, the Book of Exodus […]
July 21, 2022

Why did the Holy Family lose Jesus? – Fr Joseph Edattu VC

Transcription by Donna Loh This talk is based on the reading from the Gospel of Luke 2:41-52 We read in the Word of God about Jesus’ […]
February 22, 2022

Bible Study on Genesis: Look, there are hidden treasures in your life!

We were reflecting about the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. We will look through Genesis 42:26-38 and learn how to find the hidden treasures […]
February 7, 2022

BIBLE STUDY ON GENESIS: Sinful memories will haunt you, unless you repent – Fr Joseph Edattu VC

We continue with the story of Joseph the Patriarch of the Old Testament. In this teaching we will learn about some incidents that happened to Joseph […]
December 20, 2021

BIBLE STUDY ON GENESIS: Comparison between Jesus and Joseph – Fr Joseph Edattu VC

A homily by Fr. Joseph Edattu, VC based on the shadow of Jesus in the character of Joseph in the book of Genesis. In the reflection […]
October 24, 2021

The Our Father Prayer Explained – Fr. Joseph Edattu VC

A talk by Fr Joseph Edattu, VC based on Matthew 6: 7-15. The Our Father Prayer In Matt. 6:7 we read, “When you are praying…” What […]